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FIPA in practice: Gripping thin cardboard packaging without leaving marks
Thai brewery uses grippers with HNBR pads


FIPA GmbH offers grippers with replaceable HNBR soft contact pads for the gentle handling of sensitive parts. The brewery Beerthai Co. Ltd. uses series 100 grippers to effectively grip thin cardboard partitions.

FIPA in practice: Restack packages and sacks by pressing a button
In-house logistics solution with the FIPALIFT tube lifter


Ergonomic workplaces take the strain off personnel while increasing productivity in commissioning. IKEA Components in Slovakia also realized this and improved working conditions using FIPA handling solutions. Thanks to the flexible FIPA solution, the company can adjust perfectly to ever changing product and process variants.

FIPA presents: New Variopack® vacuum cups for stable P&P of flowpacks


FIPA GmbH is expanding its range of flat vacuum cups with the Variopack® SL-FP series. The extremely flexible sealing lip and inner cleats ensure that these wear-resistant vacuum cups are optimised for the highly dynamic handling of flowpacks. The materials used for sealing lip and fittings are compliant to FDA and EU 1935/2004 and therefore suitable for direct contact with food.

FIPA in practice: Smart lifting solution for in-house logistics processes


Swift order picking and ergonomic work can be done economically with the right lifting technology. With its fully automated logistics enhancement for edging specialist Rudolf Ostermann, FIPA has put into operation a very flexible solution for handling different package sizes.

FIPA presents: The FIPA tilting tool enables effortless moving of heavy panels


With its pneumatic tilting tool FIPA GmbH offers another energy-saving solution for increased ergonomic handling and industrial safety. The expansion to the FIPALIFT range of tube lifters tilts sheet metal panels and large components with a weight of up to 180 kg by 90°.

FIPA in practice: Tilting heavy panels at the touch of a button


The Irish company Ballingly Joinery 2000 Ltd ( is a well-known manufacturer of a wide range of doors. Their range of products also includes robust fire doors weighing up to 90 kg. In the past, lifting heavy weights put a lot of strain on the backs of production staff. In the coating line, for example, at least two members of staff had to lift the doors which arrived in a horizontal position and hang them on the chain conveyor – a dangerous and physically demanding job. Uncontrolled tilting of the heavy doors could cause an accident with considerable injuries.

FIPA presents: New look sprue gripper range


FIPA GmbH has completely overhauled its tried-and-tested series 90, 100 and 130 grippers. The wide product range offers suitable grippers for almost every application in the plastics industry. All products of this series now bear the red FIPA dot. In installations, FIPA is therefore immediately identifiable as the supplier of the gripper components used.

FIPA in practice: Reliable picking for cardboard packaging
Packaging manufacturer chooses the FIPA Varioflex® vacuum cup


Smurfit Kappa Neuss GmbH produces a range of different packaging from solid and corrugated board, including fruit and vegetable boxes, hybrid retail ready packaging, fruit punnets, powder boxes, trays, flower boxes and window packaging.

FIPA in practice: Easily move sweet loads
Confectionary manufacturer in Thailand decides in favor of FIPALIFT Expert


FIPA GmbH presented an ergonomic handling solution at the Propak Asia packaging trade show in the form of the FIPALIFT tube lifter and a mobile jib crane. The solution immediately convinced the confectionary manufacturer PhongChitt Co., Ltd. in Thailand.

Six times bigger than before: FIPA Ltd. is moving and expanding its presence in Thailand


FIPA Ltd. has operated as an independent subsidiary of the global specialist for gripper, vacuum and lifting technology since 2013. In 2017, the company moved to much larger premises along the Chao Phraya River Rama 3 Road. “This mainly allows us to stock a wider range of products and serve our customers even faster,” explains Tanachai Sriwongchai, Executive Vice President Sales & Marketing. “Furthermore, it is much easier to get to our new location, since we are now on an industrial estate conveniently situated near the airport.”

FIPA presents: The entire range of lifting technology products in one catalog


FIPA GmbH presents new and established products for highly efficient and ergonomic load handling in its new 160-page Lifting Technology Catalog HT02. With the help of our FIPALIFT tube lifters, the FIPA Spider and FIPA crane systems, tailor-made solutions can be implemented to provide a more efficient workflow and reduce the physical demands made on employees,” says Rainer Mehrer, president of FIPA.

FIPA in practice: A perfect flush cut
The FIPA dual-degating station impresses an injection molding manufacturer in the USA thanks to a zero vestige cut


Difficult task, tight deadlines, and superb result with on-time production: The storyline of an American first class injection molding facility’s collaboration with FIPA Inc. leads to a great success story.

FIPA in Practice: Manually tilt heavy paper rolls without effort
Customized solution for packaging machines with FIPALIFT Expert, tilting tool and suction shell


FIPA GmbH has developed and supplied a tilting tool for heavy paper rolls for a packaging services provider. The customized solution improves workplace ergonomics by relieving employees from tasks that could cause back injuries.

FIPA introduces new 2016 series sprue grippers


FIPA GmbH has released the new 2016 Series self-centering, gap-free sprue grippers. Featuring a wide jaw opening, high closing force, single-acting operation, and easy assembly and disassembly, the new grippers are also available with optional direct sensing capabilities and smooth or sawtooth jaws. The 2016 Series sprue grippers provide manufacturers throughout the automotive and plastics molding industries with an assortment of options designed to satisfy a broad range of gripping system specifications. This series is also the first to feature FIPA’s prominent, new red dot trademark symbol derived from the FIPA company logo.

FIPA in practice: Gripper system for protective film removal delivers cost- & labor-savings for sheet metal handling


FIPA GmbH recently created a custom EOAT solution that facilitates the removal of protective film from sheet metal with a cost- and labor-saving automated process. Developed for Foilpuller GmbH, a stainless steel sheet metal processing company based in Bobingen, Germany, FIPA’s system combines long lifecycle, high holding force vacuum cups with pressure regulating, air-saving compact ejectors to deliver reliable, non-slip sheet metal handling for the Foilpuller system.

FIPA releases: Robust, non-rotating internal spring suspensions for a broad range of automation industries


FIPA GmbH has released a robust new series of non-rotating internal spring suspensions. Designed to compensate for height and level differences in direct vacuum cup mounting applications without the need for or expense of additional fittings, as well as to ensure the gentle placement of vacuum cups on workpieces, the new suspensions exhibit extreme resistance to dirt and damage to deliver long lifetime performance, and were expressly designed for diverse applications.

FIPA develops custom gripper system for removing hot plastic parts from injection molding machines
Removing hot plastic parts with care


Designed to quickly & carefully remove hot plastic parts from an injection molding machine, FIPA’s latest custom EOAT gripper system automates a manual demolding process to protect employees, improve quality, reduce cycle times, & increase factory throughput.

FIPA releases grippers with soft, removable pads for time- & cost-conscious injection-molded plastics applications


Featuring robust anodized aluminum alloy housings & jaws equipped with exceptionally soft, quickly replaceable elastomer pads, FIPA’s new 100 Series sprue grippers provide gentle gripping solutions ideal for delicate workpieces with low material thicknesses

FIPA’s lightweight EOAT enhances the performance of advanced robotic automation systems


Weighing a slight 15lbs., FIPA’s latest custom EOAT solution features four flat vacuum cups for the dynamic handling of oily metal sheets, a heavy-duty ejector for the highest possible process reliability, & a carbon fiber frame that delivers a superior strength-to-weight ratio.

FIPA develops flexible, cost-effective vacuum gripper solution for repacking application


Mounted on a Z-axis for vertical lift capabilities, the custom vacuum gripper based on FIPA’s TC Series can handle both individual boxes & whole layers, regardless of the package position & size, without changing grippers or wasting vacuum flow.

FIPA expands its lifting technology: Ultra-flexible vacuum lifter for sheet metal and timber processing


FIPA entered into the lifting technology market in mid-2015. And now the specialist in gripper, vacuum and lifting technology based near Munich is really upping the ante: The company’s new FIPA Spider is a vacuum crossbeam that will set benchmarks on the market. Thanks to its lightweight aluminium structure, the FIPA Spider is extremely easy to handle. Its modular construction and extensive accessories mean that it can be customized. What’s more, the plug & play concept means that installation takes no time at all – making handling flat workpieces in sheet metal and timber processing child’s play. CEO Rainer Mehrer on the addition to the range: “As we have done with End-of-Arm-Tooling, we are positioning ourselves in this segment with a highly flexible product. Modularity for adaptation to suit customer needs is our core aim: The point at which special production begins for others has long been standard for us.”

FIPA’s latest custom lifting & gripping solution enables safe, efficient & cost-conscious palletizing


Combining standard & specialized components, FIPA’s latest custom material handling solution spares employees from manually handling 5 – 10 tons daily, proving that even small companies can afford to improve throughput, efficiency, & employee health

FIPA employs Varioflex® bellows suction cups to develop a custom, low-noise, high-reliability hand gripper


FIPA’s custom solution enables the rapid visual inspection of plastic caps destined for use in optosensors without leaving any marks or contaminants behind

FIPA announces Varioflex® bellows suction cups for material handling & packaging automation applications



FIPA’s long-life SP-BX Series Varioflex® bellows suction cups deliver a

perfect seal on surfaces ranging from oil-free metal sheets to hot

injection-molded plastics, & even rough or uneven surfaces.

FIPA’s custom material handling solutions improve reliability & decrease cycle time in challenging applications


Combining high quality materials, creativity, & industry expertise, FIPA recently solved a client’s conundrum by delivering a custom material handling solution that quickly, effectively, & precisely picks & places extremely thin magnetic coded disks in an automated testing system.

FIPA releases high performance oval suction cups for sheet metal handling applications


Enabling the dynamic, slip-free handling of both dry & oily metal sheets in a variety of automotive, metal processing, & mechanical & plant engineering applications, FIPA’s robust, new oval suction cups deliver unbeatable quality & exceptionally long lifetime performance at competitive prices.

FIPA innovation: Extremely customizable FIPA tube lifting technology at FABTECH 2015


Allowing a single person to quickly, safely, & efficiently lift, transport, & precisely place even bulky & awkward loads up to 639.34lbs, FIPALIFT Expert tube lifters significantly improve the economy & productivity of sheet metal processing applications.

FIPA combines experience, quality & creativity to increase efficency, production & profit in the woodworking industry


FIPA recently designed & delivered a complete, custom, & cost-effective material handling solution that allows a single employee to safely & easily lift, relocate, & precisely place large, rough-hewn planks weighing up to 353lbs (160kg)

FIPA presents: Gap-free sprue grippers designed to handle complex workpieces with low material thickness


Available with standard, sensor-enabled, & fully elastomer-coated jaws, FIPA’s newly improved 100 Series sprue grippers securely grip workpieces ranging from 1–10mm thick, & are ideal for use in plastics processing & tooling machines

FIPA presents: Two New Series of Compact ID Grippers


Both series provide an effective alternative to suction cups & grippers for workpieces with holes or recesses.

FIPA presents: New Series of Round Quick-Changers with a Robust SAFE-LOCK Mechanism


Featuring a SAFE-LOCK mechanism, visual locking indications, always-aligned pneumatic air connections, & robust construction, the new SR Series quick-changers provide an extremely reliable connection between assembly & material handling robots & gripper systems.

FIPA presents: The industry’s first sprue grippers with fully elastomer coated jaws


Ideal for use with injection molding machines, the new 100 Series grippers feature high closing force, wide opening, & gap-free jaws completely coated with HNBR, enabling the gentle handling of workpieces with maximum reliability.

FIPA presents: FIPALIFT – Flexible lifting solutions for the movement of light to heavy loads
Intelligent vacuum technology that breaks new ground with material flow


FIPA did not invent vacuum technology, but made a great deal from it. As a result, the company has become a leading specialist for End-of-Arm-Tooling and lifting technology. Based on this expertise and many years of application experience, FIPA is presenting FIPALIFT tube lifters at the LIGNA 2015, a completely new system solution development for material logistics.

FIPA presents: All EOAT components in a single catalog
Informative and clear: Gripper components and complete gripper systems


It belongs on the desk of every automation expert. FIPA offers a comprehensive compendium of gripper technology in its new End-of-Arm-Tooling (EOAT) catalog GR07. According to Rainer Mehrer, President of FIPA, "the entire competence of FIPA is now available in two catalogs in combination with the Vacuum Technology Catalog VT01, published last year".

Automation with FIPA: Vacuum Crossbeam Lifts 1 Ton of Steel
Individual Lifting Solution for Steel Processing Company in East Asia


FIPA, in close partnership with South Korean DAHO TECH COMPANY, has designed and produced a vacuum crossbeam for handling heavy steel plates. "Our project with DAHO TECH COMPANY once again demonstrates our high level of expertise in vacuum technology. Even the heaviest products can be handled in a reliable production process using our lifting systems," states Rainer Mehrer, President of FIPA.

FIPA presents: Vacuum suction cups for sheet metal handling
A newly developed generation of cups for the sheet metal and metal processing industries


FIPA announced today the launch of a new innovative series of suction cups designed specifically for the sheet metal industry. The new cups will enhance FIPA’s already extensive range of vacuum technology equipment and accessories. “We are excited to bring over 20 years experience in material flow technology to the dynamic sheet metal market,” says Rainer Mehrer, President of FIPA.

New Release: A Comprehensive Vacuum Technology Catalog
Technical information, drawings and usage instructions on almost 800 color pages


Indispensable for automation experts: FIPA is offering comprehensive volume of vacuum technology in the new VT01 Vacuum Technology Catalog. “The new catalog underscores our goal of offering the right solution for every need and for every industry in impressive form”, says Rainer Mehrer, President of FIPA.

New Release: Flexible Vacuum Gripping Systems for Automation


FIPA Inc. now offers a wide range of easy-to-handle vacuum gripping systems.

“Our years of industry experience and expertise have enabled us to create a suite of flexible gripping solutions

that fit our customers’ needs and budget,.” says Rainer Mehrer, President of FIPA.

New Release: FIPA Heavy-Duty Suspensions Optimize Positioning Accuracy


FIPA Inc. today announced the release of its heavy-duty suspensions: the SZ-NIV-HD series. The company’s newest offering provides the most innovative vacuum components for dynamic handling and short cycle times - must-haves in rough production environments.

New Release: Low-Leak Suction Plates for Sheet Metal Handling


FIPA today announced the release of its new SPLT series suction plates. With these new, extremely reliable and highly flexible state-of-the-art plates, FIPA makes automated sheet metal handling a lot easier. “The launch of the SPLT series further expands our technology, product solutions and commitment for sheet metal handling”, says Rainer Mehrer, President of FIPA.

New Release: Bernoulli Vacuum Cups for Direct Food Contact
Non-contact and safe handling of delicate products


With the new Bernoulli Vacuum Cups, FIPA now offers a solution for gentle handling of food and other delicate products. “The new Bernoulli grippers are made from PEEK, which is a material suitable for use with food products, and meet the stringent FDA requirements,” says Rainer Mehrer, President of FIPA.

FIPA presents: New, user-friendly website
Find the right product with just a few clicks


Find the right product even quicker. With this goal in mind, FIPA has completely redesigned its website, In just a few simple steps, visitors are now directed to the products they are looking for. The same simple system of categorization used in its catalogs is now also leveraged online. On each product page users will find a photo, product description, technical data, dimensions, diagrams and accessories. Visitors can generate a datasheet for each product, including accessing CAD data after registering once.

Automation with FIPA: Customized gripper protects employees’ backs


CARY, North Carolina – November, 2013 – FIPA has developed a gripper for AUMA Riester GmbH & Co. KG that considerably improves ergonomics in the workplace. The gripper makes it easier to handle electric motors, shortens cycle times and offers a high degree of process reliability.

FIPA innovation: Varioflex® suction cup improves process reliability for removing injection molding parts


Just released to the market, the new Varioflex® suction cup is are already delivering. Tanne Kunststofftechnik, a long-standing German supplier to the automobile industry, is already using the cups successfully.

FIPA presents: Compact Ejector with Blow-off Boost
A highly dynamic vacuum generator for ultra-fast pick & place in robotics


Ultra-fast cycle times, compact design: The new ejector from FIPA is a vacuum generator that uses suction cups for highly dynamic handling tasks. Its blow-off flow is supplied not only via the compressed air line, but also from ambient air, lowering the consumption of compressed air.

"The patented blow-off boost of our newest ejector makes precisely depositing work pieces in milliseconds economically feasible," says Rainer Mehrer, President and Owner of FIPA. Common fields of application include Delta robots in the packaging industry, electronics production or micro assembly.

FIPA short-stroke suction cup for flat surfaces: The space-saving suction cup with a high holding force


FIPA today announced the release of its newest addition to the world’s largest selection of suction cups: The Short-Stroke Suction Cup specifically designed for flat surfaces. This newest release offers another efficient solution for special handling tasks. Applications range from removing hot plastic moldings from injection molding tools, to handling work pieces with rough or grained surfaces. “The FIPA Short-Stroke Suction Cup represents a highly versatile solution component allowing our customers to achieve a greater suction force than conventional suction cups in a small space”, says Rainer Mehrer, President and Owner of FIPA.

FIPA presents: A robust gripper with a large area sprue control
New FIPA Gripper Removes Work Pieces Securely During Injection Molding


High process reliability, compact construction: FIPA’s new Sprue Gripper GR04.101A now offers the optimal solution for the removal of injection-molded parts. “Our newest gripper not only identifies work pieces with high reliability and regardless of the position of the sprue, it also guarantees a maximum gripping force even at high cycle times,” says Rainer Mehrer, FIPA President and Owner. “We’re pleased to bring this newest addition to FIPA’s comprehensive selection of grippers to the U.S. market.”

FIPA presents: Electrically and pneumatically controlled magnetic grippers
Flexible solutions for handling metal sheets and other ferromagnetic workpieces


High holding force, easy system connection: With its new pneumatically controlled magnetic grippers, FIPA GmbH offers an alternative to its popular electrically controlled magnetic grippers. “FIPA is the only company to have two different solutions for magnetic grippers for handling metal sheets and other ferromagnetic workpieces,” says FIPA CEO Rainer Mehrer.